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Costa Fantail PRO Review 1080 486 BassGrab

Costa Fantail PRO Review

Are sunglasses important for fishing? How about for kayak fishing when you’re even closer to the water and reflected light? I would venture to guess that hardly anyone goes out on a fishing trip without a good pair of polarized sunglasses. The main goal of sunglasses is to cut to the glare on the surface so you can see through the water and ultimately catch more fish.

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kayak fishing spots

How To Find Kayak Fishing Spots

So you got a new or used kayak but now you need to know how to find kayak fishing spots. We’ve all been there, part of the sport of kayak fishing is finding fishing destinations other people haven’t or couldn’t get to before. That’s half the fun! Learn about how our team at BassGrab finds their favorite kayak fishing launch spots.

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How to Catch Gar

Gar are an oddly designed, yet very powerful fish that can run and jump like tarpon and pull line like bull reds. Landing a spotted gar is really one of freshwater fishing’s most exciting challenges. These fish look slow and calm when they’re suspended in still water, but I can guarantee they’ll give you a ride once that hook is set!

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Fishing Crate from Above

Essential Fishing Accessories for Beginners

Whether you’re trying to reel in a keeper for dinner later in the evening or just looking for a new hobby where you can bond with family and friends while spending a day out on the water, fishing is a great activity. Even better, virtually anyone can get in on this sport!

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Kayka fishing clothes

Kayak Fishing Clothes – A Guide On What To Wear

What to wear kayak fishing isn’t really on the top of my list when I’m planning a trip, but having the right gear to make sure you stay safe and comfortable can make or break your day on the water. The best part of shopping for kayak clothes is it means you’re going out fishing soon.

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Best Life Jackets for Kayak Fishing

Kayak life jackets are often overlooked, but are a vitally important part of your fishing gear. Not only can a life jacket save your life, it typically is loaded with features that make fishing much easier and more enjoyable. When buying a kayak life jacket focus on sizing, comfort, and gear pockets.

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