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How to Catch Florida Pompano 1080 540 BassGrab

How to Catch Florida Pompano

Florida Pompano are fun to catch and even better to eat. Learn about the best techniques we’ve tried over the years like surf fishing and jigging, and learn where to find these prized fish along Florida’s stunning coast. Get ready to go relax on a beach and target the coveted Florida Pompano.
How to Catch African Pompano 1080 723 BassGrab

How to Catch African Pompano

African pompano hold a certain allure for many saltwater anglers. They are an excellent gamefish that is actually more closely related to the amberjack than a pompano and can put up a formidable fight. It is no wonder that the African Pompano has secured its place as one of the most sought-after trophies in the angling world!
How to Catch Crappie 1080 608 BassGrab

How to Catch Crappie

Crappie are very unique fish that anglers love to target. It’s hard to understand at first. They appear to just be glorified sunfish, but they are so much more than that. Their name stands in stark contrast to how they taste, and their nickname of papermouth is something you can only truly understand once you’ve spent a day fishing for them.
How to Catch Gar 1080 675 BassGrab

How to Catch Gar

Gar are an oddly designed, yet very powerful fish that can run and jump like tarpon and pull line like bull reds. Landing a spotted gar is really one of freshwater fishing’s most exciting challenges. These fish look slow and calm when they’re suspended in still water, but I can guarantee they’ll give you a ride once that hook is set!
How to Catch Redfish 620 350 BassGrab

How to Catch Redfish

How do you catch redfish? First of all, you need to understand them. Redfish are fundamentally lazy fish that use their sense of smell to eat as much as they possibly can. Combine that with the fact that they are a strong fish that can make excellent runs when hooked and you have one of the top game fish targeted by anglers.