Kistler Series 1 Spinning Reel 1080 608 BassGrab

Kistler Series 1 Spinning Reel

When you unbox a spinning reel what is the first thing you do? You grab the reel in one hand and crank that handle with the other hand giving it a windup that could rival most professional softball pitchers, and you let that bad boy spin. Of course this is purely part of a strict testing procedure so you can see how smooth and balanced the retrieve is and how long it will spin.
KastKing Kodiak Spinning Reel 620 350 BassGrab
KastKing Kodiak 3000

KastKing Kodiak Spinning Reel

If you’re thinking “I’ve never seen KastKing in Bass Pro before”, you’d be exactly right. KastKing exclusively sells their products on their own website or other online channels. KastKing creates reliable and strong fishing gear and is able to keep their prices below competitors because they don’t pay shelving costs, not because they’re any less quality.
Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel 400 225 BassGrab

Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel

Okuma has rapidly innovated their spinning reel construction and lineup, with the release of the new Trio High Speed Reel. The new reel features Okuma’s ground-breaking Crossover Construction paired with a 6.2:1 gear ratio, and a very noteworthy dual force drag system. A great reel at an affordable price.