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Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel

Product: Okuma Trio 30S High Speed Spinning Reel
Model: Trio High Speed 30S
Manufacturer: Okuma
Line Capacity: 30S (200yd/6lb, 160yd/8lb, 110yd/10lb)
Weight: 10.4 oz
Price: Check the current price on Amazon
Sent from Okuma

Okuma has rapidly innovated their spinning reel construction and lineup with the release of the new Trio High Speed Reel. The new reel is an upgrade of the original Trio Spinning Reel, and it boasts an increase from a 5.0:1 gear ratio to a 6.2:1 gear ratio, providing a faster and more efficient retrieve. The Trio High Speed features Okuma’s ground-breaking Crossover Construction, which combines aluminum for strength and stability, as well as graphite for a lightweight construction that makes the reel easily maneuverable. Okuma has developed a lot of new technology that they have incorporated into the reel, including an incredible drag system as well as improved casting features. We decided to test the reel based on their new technology, overall construction, and performance out on the water.



  • Crossover Construction: The Trio High Speed Reel features a Crossover aluminum and graphite hybrid body design. It uses a solid piece of stamped aluminum for the reel stem and rotor arm, along with lightweight graphite sides and rotor housing. Okuma designed the reel in this way to provide maximum strength and minimal weight.
  • Handle, Spool, and Bail Construction: The hybrid spool design features a graphite arbor paired with an aluminum lip. The aluminum lip was added to help facilitate the smooth casting of the line as it runs over the edge of the spool. The rigid aluminum handle is constructed very well, and the solid aluminum bail wire feels dense and heavy duty.
  • Dual Force Drag: The Trio High Speed Reel features Okuma’s legendary Dual Force Drag System. This utilizes a second drag system mounted below the spool that helps stabilize drag pressures, and offers maximum high end drag pressure. The drag on the reel is excellent, and it uses multi-disc, Japanese-oiled felt drag washers. I would have to say that the drag on the Trio High Speed is the single best feature on the reel.
  • Aluminum Drag Chamber: The drag chamber features a rescission spool system that increases stability and drag smoothness under torque from braided lines and heavy drag settings. In addition, there is a Hydro Block water tight drag seal around the chamber to keep the drag system working smoothly.
  • Elliptical Oscillation System:  Okuma’s patented Elliptical Oscillation System that keeps the reel balanced so you experience less wobble while fishing.
  • High Performance Bearings: The spinning reel features 9BB + 1RB stainless steel bearings. Nine ball bearings is a large number of bearings for a spinning reel, which usually translates into a smoother retrieve. The 1RB is a quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing to instantly prevent the handle from spinning backwards, making hook sets much more powerful and effective.
  • Corrosion Resistant Coating: Okuma uses a specialized coating process that provides maximum corrosion resistance. This coating, paired with their high density gearing, makes for a tough reel.
  • Warranty: Okuma’s Trio High Speed spinning reels are backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

Actual Testing/Use
The Trio High Speed is characterized by the aggressive design and metallic burnt-orange anodized accents that make it instantly recognizable when you are out on the water. The reel takes advantage of different materials utilized in reel construction, including weight saving carbon graphite and aluminum. When I brought the Okuma Trio High Speed reel out to the lake to use for the first time, I was blown away at how far the reel can actually cast. Okuma has added a smooth aluminum lip to the top of the spool that really facilitates smoother and easier casting. I used a spectra braided line to test the reel, paired with a Bass Pro Shops CarbonLite 6’6’’ Medium Spinning Rod. The retrieve on the reel is lightning fast due to the 6.2:1 gear ratio, and it can haul in your lure very quickly if needed. The bail is a typical solid aluminum spinning reel bail, however, it will occasionally get stuck if not opened smoothly, and you have to play with the bail to get it to lock open again.

I am a big fan of aluminum rather than graphite when it comes to reel construction, so I was not completely on board with the graphite stem and gear sides that Okuma included on the reel. I do understand Okuma’s reason for using graphite in their Crossover Construction; weight reduction. The graphite sides make the reel feel incredibly light, yet low in quality. I would have preferred the emphasis on weight reduction to come from reducing the weight of the spool by using a titanium or magnesium construction. Okuma replaced the rubber handle knob found on the original Trio reels with a foam handle knob on the Trio High Speed; most likely again for weight reduction. The circular foam handle does not facilitate a particularly comfortable grip, and I would prefer to use a flat rubber handle knob on the reel. Despite a few features of the design that do not appeal to my personal preference, the quality of the Trio High Speed reel is prevalent in its design.

The Trio High Speed has one of the best spinning reel drag systems I have experienced in its price range. The dual force drag system is the key feature of the reel, and it is definitely where this reel excels. The 18lb max drag comes off the spool very smoothly, and the drag tension adjusts easily in small increments. In addition to the incredible drag, the Trio High Speed reel features a gear ratio of 6.2:1, which means that the reel will make 6.2 rotations for every one rotation of the handle. Compared to the original Trio gear ratio of 5.0:1, the Trio High Speed picks up 6’’ more line per handle turn. That may not sound like a lot, but in a mere ten handle turns you have picked up five more feet of line with no extra effort, ultimately letting you retrieve your lures faster. I actually tested out the speed of the reel while fishing with a friend. We cast out the same distance with the same lure and then retrieved our line as fast as possible; I ended up ahead by about ten feet every time. One negative aspect of the reel is that it seemed to be a little rough on retrieve. This could be a result of excess friction due to poor lubrication; however, I would expect the reel to perform better with a 9BB system.



  • Dual Force Drag System is phenomenal and unbelievably smooth
  • Line retrieve is lightning fast due to the 6.2:1 gear ratio and 31’’ line retrieve
  • Aggressive design with burnt-orange anodized aluminum parts paired with carbon graphite
  • Casting performance is smooth and excellent with the aluminum lip


  • Aluminum bail stuck a couple times while testing
  • With 9BB the reel retrieve should be smoother
  • Graphite sides and foam handle make the reel seem low in quality

Okuma has produced a reel that has an incredible drag system as well as a lightning fast retrieve ratio. The aluminum and graphite construction provides substantial benefits in weight reduction, strength, and casting smoothness; however, I wish the graphite body had been substituted by another material. There is a constant battle between anglers and the use of graphite in reel construction. Some prefer the lightweight properties of graphite, while others detest its use in reels; it is all a matter of opinion. Performance wise, the Trio High Speed should have a smoother retrieve for the amount of ball bearings included; otherwise, it is an excellent reel for the price in terms of quality and features. The reel is durable and reliable, and I have found that the more I fish the Trio High Speed, the more I like it.

    Heath Anderson

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