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Costa Del Mar – King Tide 8 687 1000 BassGrab

Costa Del Mar – King Tide 8

The Costa King Tide 8 frames are purpose built for fishermen with full wrap frames and top notch polarization. These sunglasses fully cover your face and block out all light from the top, bottom, and sides, making them excellent for flats or open water fishing. When it comes to eyewear designed for fishermen, Costa has always had its roots in the water.

Costa Mainsail Sunglasses Review 1080 527 BassGrab
costa mainsail lense

Costa Mainsail Sunglasses Review

Costa Mainsail sunglasses are part of their new hybrid line and are great for fishing and everyday activities. You can wear them anywhere. Learn more about these new sunglasses and the hybrid line from Costa and if they’re the right fit for you.

Best Bass Lures for Dark, Murky Water 620 350 BassGrab

Best Bass Lures for Dark, Murky Water

Many anglers encounter dark, murky water when they’re fishing. These water conditions certainly do present some challenges for fishermen, but no matter the conditions, you can still catch bass. So next time the rain rolls through your area and dirties up the ponds, don’t make the mistake of staying at home.

How to Catch Florida Pompano 1080 540 BassGrab

How to Catch Florida Pompano

Florida Pompano are fun to catch and even better to eat. Learn about the best techniques we’ve tried over the years like surf fishing and jigging, and learn where to find these prized fish along Florida’s stunning coast. Get ready to go relax on a beach and target the coveted Florida Pompano.

How to Catch African Pompano 1080 723 BassGrab

How to Catch African Pompano

African pompano hold a certain allure for many saltwater anglers. They are an excellent gamefish that is actually more closely related to the amberjack than a pompano and can put up a formidable fight. It is no wonder that the African Pompano has secured its place as one of the most sought-after trophies in the angling world!

How to Choose a Fish Finder Battery 551 350 BassGrab

How to Choose a Fish Finder Battery

A fish finder battery is an invaluable asset that can power many electronics and last quite a long time if chosen and maintained correctly. The four specs to look for when choosing a battery for your fish finder are battery construction, battery power, battery size, and battery weight.

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