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Bass Fishing At Night: How To Succeed 334 188 BassGrab

Bass Fishing At Night: How To Succeed

Night fishing for bass is an activity that not every fisherman participates in, but it is definitely an activity that every fisherman should try. The article offers information on where to find bass at night, as well as a variety of lures to use, and general fishing tips to make your night fishing experience a success.

Topwater Lures for Summer 295 166 BassGrab

Topwater Lures for Summer

Fishing topwater during the summer almost always results in the best strikes, especially when a bass charges the bait from below and blasts out of the water with it! The article offers information on lure selection, provides personal lure suggestions, and gives tips for topwater fishing.

How to Grab a Bass 610 252 BassGrab

How to Grab a Bass

Due to the fact that the website is named ‘’, it seems fairly relevant to actually explain the proper way to grab a bass once you’ve landed it and it is still on the hook. The article provides detailed instructions on exactly how to do this, and helps promote catch and release fishing to maintain our current bass population.

Difference Between Buzzbaits and Spinnerbaits 500 281 BassGrab

Difference Between Buzzbaits and Spinnerbaits

Buzzbaits and Spinnerbaits both have a very similar design, which can understandably create confusion in determining the differences between the two lures, and how they can be effectively used to snag the bass. Here are some key points that distinguish the two baits and their uses for bass fishing.

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