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Winter Bass Fishing in Florida 400 225 BassGrab

Winter Bass Fishing in Florida

Winter bass fishing in Florida is tough. The bass will hole up in inconsistent areas and are very lethargic when it comes to pursuing food. That makes it very rewarding when catching a bass, however it can also make it very challenging. Here are some tips on lure selection, presentation, and location for landing the elusive winter bass.

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Lite Spinning Rod 400 225 BassGrab

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Lite Spinning Rod

Shakespeare is a staple of quality fishing products, and their Ugly Stik Lite Spinning Rod is no different. It features a strong, sensitive, and lightweight design that feels very natural to fish with. It comes at a great price and boasts Clear Tip technology as well as an added graphite layer in the rod blank.

Bass Assassin Crawdad Assassin 4” 400 225 BassGrab

Bass Assassin Crawdad Assassin 4”

Bass Assassin is offering a great 4” plastic crawdad lure aptly name the Crawdad Assassin. Features large antennae, claws, and legs that create attractive vibrations in the water for patrolling bass. Durability as well as quality are apparent, and all for an affordable price. Keep this one in your night fishing arsenal.

Owner Offset Worm Hook 200 113 BassGrab

Owner Offset Worm Hook

Owner has recently come out with new black chrome finished hooks that feature their state of the art Cutting Point® technology, and we can’t help but be impressed; however it does comes at a price. Our review includes prices, pictures, and features of the Offset Worm Hook; an angler’s key tool for rigging soft plastics.

Swimbaits 1024 577 BassGrab


Swimbaits are a soft plastic lure designed to provide an action that replicates a bait fish. They are relatively large compared to typical bass lures, which may account for their use by anglers when going after larger bass.

Crankbaits 508 286 BassGrab


Crankbaits are a hard bodied lure made of wood or plastic that are designed to imitate a swimming baitfish. They typically feature a set of two treble hooks with a lip or bill attached to the front that causes the lure to dive upon retrieval and provide some sort of enticing action.

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