Lazer Trokar Worm Hooks

Product: Lazer Trokar Worm Hooks
Models: Magworm, Offest Worm, EWG Worm, Flippin’, Swimbait, Dropshot, Finesse, Tube
Manufacturer: Lazer Trokar (Wright & McGill)
Sizes: 1/0 (7 pack), 2/0 (6 pack), 3/0 (6 pack), 4/0 (5 pack), 5/0 (5 pack) ,6/0 (4 pack), 7/0 (4 pack), 8/0 (3 pack)
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Lazer Trokar is a new company that was just founded in 2009, yet they have gotten a lot of attention from the pros. Tournament pros including Skeet Reese, Shaw Grisby Jr., Gerald Swindle, Brent Chapman, Jason Williamson, and Scott Martin currently endorse these hooks. The hooks feature some incredibly innovative technology as well as excellent quality that just cannot be overlooked. Lazer Trokar boasts that their hooks penetrate twice as fast with half the effort; we decided to put that to the test.

  • Surgically Sharpened Technology: The Lazer Trokar company surgically sharpens their hooks using their unique patent-pending technology. This was developed by engineers that collaborated with a high-tech producer of surgical needles to manufacture these innovative hook points.
  • Low-Profile Barb: Designed for easier penetration, yet ultimate holding power. The company used precise geometric calculations to find the best angle for the barb.
  • High Carbon Steel Construction: The hooks feature higher tensile strength from reduced impurities, as well as stronger, ultra clean, cold-forged steel.
  • Tempering Process: Specifically tailored to manipulate the Q741 wire for maximum strength, and offers bolstered wire diameter for more aggressive hook-sets.
  • Three-Sided Hook Point: The hook points are ground using a computer-aided design sharpener intended for surgical needles. It penetrates twice as fast at other hooks, which ultimately increases your hook-up ratios with half the effort. This is all achieved through their patented SST technology.


Actual Testing/Use

The first thing that is noticeable about the Lazer Trokar hooks is the sharp and menacing point. Lazer Trokar clearly put a lot of research into these hooks and they did a lot of testing as well as integration of new technology that was developed specifically for the hooks. While were fishing the hooks, it was clear that they were incredibly sharp and very easy to set. We were not able to provide any scientific evidence that the hooks penetrate twice as fast with half the force, but I would not doubt the claim they make on the package.
I have found that in general all hooks have the required tensile strength to hold a bass; the real differences between hooks lie in the hook point. Lazer Trokar focuses the majority of their efforts on the hook point, and I must say they have achieved excellent results. The only downside I have found is that their efforts to construct an incredibly sharp point have resulted in a very narrow tip. This makes the point prone to bending at the tip if it is cast into a hard structure or after prolonged fishing.

I am sure where these really excel is in setting the hook in the hard part of a bass’ mouth. I can justify spending $2 per hook if I know I won’t miss a hook set due to the hook not penetrating the mouth. What you really pay for with these hooks is peace of mind; although they may be better suited for pro anglers rather than the occasional weekend angler.



  • Requires significantly less force to set the hook
  • Solid tempered high-carbon steel construction
  • Surgically sharpened technology provides sharper hook points
  • Bolstered Q741 wire diameter adds strength and durability


  • The fine hook point can bend over if it comes in contact with a hard surface
  • Price averages out to about $2 per hook


The Lazer Trokar hooks featured excellent performance while fishing! The SST technology the company uses to sharpen the tip of the hooks really does make the hook significantly sharper than other competing hooks, which is immediately noticeable just by touching the point and testing it on your fingernail. While the average weekend angler may not always be willing to spend $2 per hook, I would recommend testing them out at least once. Lazer Trokar has really developed the market for high end performance hooks. With the support of the pros, and the innovative technology they are implementing, I am looking forward to seeing what else Lazer Trokar has to offer in the future.

5 comments to Lazer Trokar Worm Hooks

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  • Fisack

    You could work up a scientific test using a milk carton –

    – Cut a plastic milk carton into a one inch strip
    – fasten the milk carton strip on both ends so that it is parallel to the ground
    – tie a 12 inch line to the hook with a clip on the end for adding weights
    – balance the hook tip (upside down, with the weights below it) on the milk carton strip
    – add weights until the point of the hook penetrates the milk carton strip.

    This will give you a good basis for comparing the hook set of different brands. The two variables that you need to watch are that you consistently use the same brand of milk carton, and that there is the same tension in your parallel attachments each time so that there is no extra “give” in the strip.

    Does anyone else have another solution for reliably testing hook set ability?

  • Heath Anderson

    That is a great idea for testing the hook points on some of these new high performance hooks!

  • Fisack

    As I’ve been thinking about it, not all milk cartons are the same tensile strength, even within the same brand. How about if you got some thick visqueen at the hardware store – as think as possible. Maybe 10 mil, and if that isn’t strong enough, you could double it or triple it to make it 20 and 30 mil. That way you have a consistent variable each time.

    How hard is the hardest part of a bass’ mouth?

  • Fisack

    Make that “THICK” as possible – not “THINK”!