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How to Grab a Bass

How to Grab a Bass

Due to the fact that the website is named ‘’, it seems fairly relevant to actually explain the proper way to grab a bass once you’ve landed it and it is still on the hook. It is also a great thing to teach your kids when you are fishing. The best way is to place your thumb on the inside bottom jaw of the bass (if you feel the rough mouth pad you’ve got the right spot) and push your fingers into the outside of the bottom jaw so that by holding the bass you are opening its mouth all the way. Holding a bass like this somewhat paralyzes it temporarily so that it does not flop around, which allows you to remove the hook fairly easily without it getting jammed into your finger by a sudden flip. Holding bass with this method works best for small and medium sized bass, however if you land a larger bass it is important to add a hand to the main body of the bass to support it and take the pressure off of the mouth. Otherwise it could result in damage to the bass. Also make sure not to keep the bass out of the water for more than one minute. This is a great way to make sure the bass is released safely if you are practicing catch and release fishing!

Or use fish grips!

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