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Difference Between Buzzbaits and Spinnerbaits

Buzzbait vs Spinnerbait

Buzzbaits and Spinnerbaits both have a very similar design, which can understandably create confusion in determining the differences between the two lures, and how they can be effectively used to snag the bass. Here are some key points that distinguish the two baits and their uses for bass fishing.

The design of the lures are very similar, both have a lead head connected to a hook and a long arm, however there are several key differences. The main difference is that buzzbaits have a propeller blade above the long arm of the lure, while spinnerbaits have a spoon above the arm. This is what causes the buzzbaits to be used only as a topwater lure, while spinnerbaits can be used in many different ways in the water column. The attached metal blade that is incorporated into buzzbaits spins as it is retrieved, and is used to disrupt the surface of the water.

Buzzbaits are most effective during the hot summer weather, and can be especially effective at drawing bass out from under cover in the middle of the day. The blades on the lure cause splashing and commotion on the retrieval, which alerts bass to its presence and entices them to follow it out from under cover, even during the heat of the day.  Buzzbaits can also cover a large area of water fairly quickly because they are a topwater lure that can be cast into dense cover without getting hooked up. This makes them an ideal lure to help locate feeding bass in a lake. They are best used on a calm day so that bass can distinguish the disruptions on the surface.

Spinnerbaits can be used for bass fishing year round, and generally produce excellent results. It is a lure that can be retrieved many different ways and can be especially effective at fishing shallow cover or on windy and cloudy days when topwater lures are not ideal. They can be just as effective on bright days as well. Spinnerbaits have a smooth flowing motion and have single or multiple blades that cause vibrations in the water, and are generally fished at a medium to slow retrieve. Underhand casting is best for both buzzbaits and spinnerbaits to reduce the noise as the lure enters the water. In Florida white and chartreuse spinnerbaits are the best colors to use during the day for bass.

The overall primary difference is that buzzbaits are designed to be used only as a topwater lure during the warmer months while spinnerbaits can be used at varying levels in the water with different forms of retrieval, including topwater throughout the year.

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