Toadfish Stowaway Fillet System 1080 486 BassGrab

Toadfish Stowaway Fillet System

Toadfish is a company that is firmly rooted in sustainable fishing and harvesting. They have a handful of fishery and environmental projects in the works and for every product sold they replant a new oyster bed. The company also produces a host of products (like the Non-Tipping Can Cooler) that are very well designed and are crafted with high quality materials.

We had a chance to work with the folding fillet knife and folding cutting board that Toadfish offers and it really blew us away. Not necessarily because we are super into fillet knives and cutting boards, but because they really thought this out and incorporated all the features you’d want to be able to fillet fish easily on the go.

You can purchase the bundle from Toadfish here and it includes a neoprene case to store the cutting board and knife. Continue reading below for details for the cutting board and fillet knife.

Best Folding Fillet Knife

Toadfish 7'' Folding Fillet Knife

The Toadfish folding fillet knife is one of the nicest fillet knives we’ve ever used to date. It comes in 7” and 8.5” sizes and is perfectly compact. One of my favorite things about this knife is that it is made of titanium components which means it won’t be a rusty pile of junk after your first fishing trip. The flex on the knife is really great and lets you go into the spine and curve around the ribcage while filleting a fish.

Folding Fillet Knife Features

  •  Full-Length Ergonomic Handle
  • Salt-Tough Titanium Corrosion-Resistant Components
  • 7” Titanium Coated Salt-Tough Blade
  • Non-Slip Raised Rib Rubber Grip
  • Stowaway Carabiner that doubles as bottle opener


  • Non rusting components
  • Excellent flex on blade for filleting around fish spine
  • Bottle opener and carabiner on the knife
  • Solid rubber grip


  • Price
  • You must like seafoam green
Best Fishing Cutting Board

Toadfish Stowaway Folding Cutting Board

The Toadfish Stowaway folding cutting board is a truly unique item that I haven’t seen before. It makes filleting fish and cutting bait on the go (be sure to follow local Fish and Wildlife regulations) a much easier task. You also don’t have to carry a massive cutting board or put knife marks in your kayak or boat. The folding sections are held together with titanium screws and it includes a two stage knife sharpener. This is quite literally the best designed fillet system I have ever seen for fishermen. Perfect for crappie fishing to get some fish in the pan!

Stowaway Folding Cutting Board Features

  • Magnetic closure
  • Built-in 2-stage knife sharpener – includes a carbide section for setting a sharp edge on dull blades and a ceramic section to finely hone and finish the edge
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Constructed from solid, non-porous, high-density polyethylene material for safe food handling
  • Patents pending
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Unfolded Dimensions 12’’ x 16’’ – Folded Dimensions 3’’ x 16’’ x 1.5″


  • Includes a two stage knife sharpener built into cutting board
  • Heavy duty constructions
  • Rust resistant hardware
  • Nonslip bottom


  • Price
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