Southern Bred Outfitters Performance Fishing Shirt 620 350 BassGrab

Southern Bred Outfitters Performance Fishing Shirt

Product: Southern Bred Outfitters Dri-Fit Shirt
Manufacturer: Southern Bred Outfitters
Material: Dri-Fit 100% Polyester
Sizes: S – XL
MSRP: $35 at time of review

Southern Bred Outfitters Shirt

As an avid fisherman I have had the opportunity, or rather the need, to purchase a variety of high quality fishing shirts not only to look awesome while fishing but also because the material and UV protection really make a difference while out on the water. By that I mean faster drying, non-chaffing, and just overall just a more comfortable shirt. When you start buying quality shirts the materials are all top notch and the prices are right up there with them. The primary difference between the shirts is the brand name, graphic design, and possibly pocket location. That being said I was very impressed with two specific points of the SBO performance shirt:

1. The cost was lower than the majority of performance fishing shirts
2. The shirt has an impressive design

Both of those are huge in my decision of determining what shirt to buy. I always like looking good out on the water, and it give me peace of mind knowing that when I hook a dang catfish and the barb inevitably puts a hole in my shirt, it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to replace.

SBO Performance Sleeve


  •  Affordable compared to other high performance fishing shirts.
  • The light blue color is great for fishing. I understand some people don’t buy into it, but i’m a firm believer that fish are far less likely to be spooked by a light blue or white shirt that mimics the sky rather than bright orange or yellow.


  • Only comes in one color, and while is it a good color, a few other options would be nice.
    Heath Anderson

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