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Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman Steelhead

Product: Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman Steelhead
Model: Sportsman Steelhead
Manufacturer: Adventure Medical Kits
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Medical Kit Steelhead Sportsman

First aid kits are often overlooked by fisherman especially when just going out for just a few hours,  however, that is often when they’re needed the most. Adventure Medical Kits has developed specific sport geared medical kits that are waterproof and very light. It makes bringing one along very easy; you can just toss it in your tackle box and forget about it until it’s needed.


  • Waterproof system using and outer seam sealed nylon bag with an inner dryflex liner
  • Lightweight, only 6oz

Steelhead Medical Kit Waterproof

Actual Testing/Use
I brought the first aid kit flats fishing and kept it in my kayak milk crate while I was out on the water. It was sitting at the bottom of the crate, which is consistently flooded with water from paddle splash and the scupper holes, and it performed very well. The waterproof bag and liner did it’s job and kept everything completely dry. I even got the chance to use the kit when a friend sliced his thumb on a redfish fin while releasing it. Adventure Medical Kits also sent After Bite which is a stick to relieve the itch or sting from bug bites. This will be very helpful in the summer as the morning air is typically filled with mosquitoes.

Adventure Medical Kit Floats


  • Ultimate waterproof soft storage bag
  • Prepackaged with first aid gear for the most common injuries depending on which kit you buy. The Steelhead kit is tailored to hunting and fishing
  • Contents list is visible through the waterproof cover
  • There is enough room to allow you to add your own additional items to the kit


  • Costs more than a traditional first aid kit

I was very impressed with this waterproof medical kit and this is now my go to kit for fishing trips, mountain biking, and hunting going forward.

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