A Guide To The Best Kayak And Canoe Carts 620 350 BassGrab

A Guide To The Best Kayak And Canoe Carts

Kayak and canoe carts are often overlooked. But they could be the thing keeping you from the water. If you haven’t had to carry your kayak over 50 yards before, are you really a kayak angler? Just kidding, but if you’re looking to find the best cart to carry your boat, you’ve found the right guide.
Best Fish Finders for Kayaks 581 327 BassGrab

Best Fish Finders for Kayaks

Kayak fish finders require more thought when purchasing just the right one because they need to have features that you wouldn’t consider when just mounting one on a boat. Kayak fish finders are required to be compact, have a bright display, be easy to mount, and be inexpensive. Check out our articles for some top choices!
What is the Best Knife for Fishing? 544 350 BassGrab

What is the Best Knife for Fishing?

Knives are invaluable when you’re out on the water. They can chop up bait, cut your line, and save your life. Here are some recommendations I have based on real world kayak fishing experience. These are all knives I have personally bought and used while fishing and they are excellent!
Keeping it Dry – Best Dry Bags for Kayaking 620 350 BassGrab

Keeping it Dry – Best Dry Bags for Kayaking

Keeping gear dry is essential for a great day on the water and it is important to choose a reputable brand when you start your search for the best dry bag. The market is flooded with dry bags and what it comes down to is if you need just a splash proof bag or one that can handle going over the falls.
Best Kayak Fishing Anchors 620 350 BassGrab

Best Kayak Fishing Anchors

When I first started kayaking I was one of those people that would use anything heavy as a kayak anchor. I brought along old dumbbells, cinder blocks, metal plates, rocks, you name it. It was only over time I realized that an anchor doesn’t have to be heavy to do a good job – in fact the best anchor is going to be light.