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Swimbaits are a soft plastic lure designed to provide an action that replicates a bait fish. They are relatively large compared to typical bass lures, which may account for their use by anglers when going after larger bass.
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Crankbaits are a hard bodied lure made of wood or plastic that are designed to imitate a swimming baitfish. They typically feature a set of two treble hooks with a lip or bill attached to the front that causes the lure to dive upon retrieval and provide some sort of enticing action.
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Fishing Line Chart


Choosing the right fishing line can be difficult since it constantly changes depending on what lure or action you want, however there are only three choices: Braid, Fluorocarbon, or Monofilament. Check out the chart we put together to find the best line for your fishing trip.
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The right hook is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a bass fisherman to have. It is necessary for the hooks to be kept sharp and be well maintained in order to be able to consistently set them in the tough mouth of a bass.