Line 444 226 BassGrab
Fishing Line Chart


Choosing the right fishing line can be difficult since it constantly changes depending on what lure or action you want, however there are only three choices: Braid, Fluorocarbon, or Monofilament. The chart below lists different characteristics of each type of line.

Fishing Line Chart

Monofilament Brands:
Ande Monofilament, Berkley Trilene, Bass Pro Shops, Stren Fishing Line, Sufix, P-Line, Spiderwire

Braid Brands: PowerPro, Berkley Fireline, Spiderwire, Sufix

Fluorocarbon Brands: Berkley Vanish, P-Line, Yo-Zuri

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    • McCoy Super Spectra Braid 400 225 BassGrab
    • TUF-Line DuraCast Braided Line 246 138 BassGrab