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Buying A Used Fishing Kayak: 10 Years of Experience 620 350 BassGrab

Buying A Used Fishing Kayak: 10 Years of Experience

Buying a used fishing kayak is our favorite and most affordable way to get on the water. Fishing kayaks are a great vessel to attack areas unavailable from the shore and even boat. The team at BassGrab decided it was time to pass our knowledge on to you.

How To Catch Grass Carp 620 350 BassGrab

How To Catch Grass Carp

Grass carp tend to get a mixed response from anglers. Some go on specific grass carp trips and others haven’t even given them the time of day. As for BassGrab, grass carp tend to remind us of a redfish they way they tail through the grass during a flood, how they your rod, and how their scales resemble a golden redfish.

Plano Zipperless Z-Series Tackle Backpack 568 350 BassGrab

Plano Zipperless Z-Series Tackle Backpack

I never wanted to use a backpack for saltwater fishing because they aren’t usually waterproof and salt water quickly deteriorates the zippers if you don’t wash it down immediately. Plano has come up with a quick access zipperless tackle backpack that is great for gear storage and keeps you visible when wading through the backwater.

Assault Hand Paddle Review 620 350 BassGrab
Assualt Hand Kayak Paddle

Assault Hand Paddle Review

It’s always fun working with smaller companies who have come up with a great fishing tool, and Backwater Paddles has done exactly that. The Assault Hand Paddle concept is simple – a paddle you can use with one hand that’s sturdy as a rock. The team at Backwater Paddle Company kept kayak anglers in mind when designing this hand paddle.

Packing For A Kayak Fishing Trip 620 311 BassGrab
Kayak Fishing Checklist

Packing For A Kayak Fishing Trip

Planning for a kayak fishing trip is always exciting. You’re anxious to get on the water and you’re dreaming of your kayak being pulled around with a big fish on the line. We’ve been there a hundred times and brought in a few of those big fish, too! However, we would have been able to land a few more if we had always packed correctly. Our team came up with a Top 11 list of items you should have.