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Bass Fishing with Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are one of the most popular bass lures and can be used year round with many different forms of retrieval. They are effective at fishing shallow cover on cloudy or windy days when topwater is not effective, however they can also be good on bright calm days as well. Spinnerbaits have a smooth flowing motion and have single or multiple blades that cause flashes and vibrations in the water.
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Bass Assassin Crawdad Assassin 4”

Bass Assassin is offering a great 4” plastic crawdad lure aptly name the Crawdad Assassin. Features large antennae, claws, and legs that create attractive vibrations in the water for patrolling bass. Durability as well as quality are apparent, and all for an affordable price. Keep this one in your night fishing arsenal.
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Swimbaits are a soft plastic lure designed to provide an action that replicates a bait fish. They are relatively large compared to typical bass lures, which may account for their use by anglers when going after larger bass.
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Crankbaits are a hard bodied lure made of wood or plastic that are designed to imitate a swimming baitfish. They typically feature a set of two treble hooks with a lip or bill attached to the front that causes the lure to dive upon retrieval and provide some sort of enticing action.
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Topwater Lures for Summer

Fishing topwater during the summer almost always results in the best strikes, especially when a bass charges the bait from below and blasts out of the water with it! The article offers information on lure selection, provides personal lure suggestions, and gives tips for topwater fishing.